PPE Boots

PPE Boots are a legal requirement on every building site in the country nowadays, so much so that the HMRC have zero rated VAT on safety boot purchases for your own personal use.  At RGH Supplies we keep boots from V12, Bekina and Buckler Boots, these are well respected brands in the safety footwear industry. These boots are mainly aimed at protecting you in the event of dropping heavy goods on your foot or stepping on something sharp.

With some farmers who use chemicals or are prone to being in contact with dangerous substances in slurry pits, an even more protective boot is sometimes required. These are usually rubber wellington boots which meet anti slip rules and can also feature hi-viz linings. Most wellingtons are now temperature rated so they have to operate with comfort at temperatures way below or above zero degrees celsius. Bekina offer excellent winter wellingtons as they keep feet very warm. We also can get hold of rail spec boots which are required when working on live railway tracks.

Steel Toe Cap Boots

Steel Toe Cap Boots in the form of dealer boots, rigger boots, wellingtons, zip sided boots, lace boots. These are mainly worn by people in construction, warehouses, industrial sites and on farms. They are a major part of PPE from a health and safety point of view in many places. They always have a steel cap to protect the toe area of the feet but some also feature a metal strip, known as a steel midsole, under the whole foot area to protect you from stepping on anything sharp. Recently composite toe caps have been designed which offer a lighter weight protective boot but these are not recognised as well on some sites or PPE requirements.

Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes look more casual, safety toe cap brogues or office shoes are easy to get a hold of these days. They might be worn by a building site manager who works in an office but still needs foot protection from machinery and falling objects.

Lightweight Trainers

Lightweight Trainers have become available on the market in the last few years. They come in a standard trainer or hi-top shoes. They are super light but just as strong as normal safety boots. They are extremely comfortable and give a more casual look so you can keep them on your feet after finishing work for the day.


Footwear from RGH is available for industries such as oil & gas, engineering, construction, agriculture, utilities and rail.  Our suppliers aim to sell quality boots which offer maximum safety and comfort at the same time. Neoprene is a favourite from a suppliers and customers point of view because it adds a lot of comfort, is lightweight and offers great thermal purposes. There are lots of non safety boots such as wellingtons, dealer boots and lace up boots in stock.

Some of the features of foot protection we can offer are vegan friendly, anti static, heat resistant, insulated lining, scaffolding board slip tested, waterproof breathable, women’s and metal free. We even keep neoprene boot covers which can be put over boots to stop you dragging mud indoors with you. Insoles and thermal socks are also a must to make your boots even more comfortable and cosy, we’ve even got spare laces!