FETF223A - Mobile calf handling crate

Expected average cost of item (£): 879
Grant amount (based on a quantity of 1) (£): 439
Score: 2,040
Item must:
  • be a mobile calf handling crate 
  • be purpose-built to restrain calves while carrying out health and welfare tasks
  • be no bigger than 150cm x 110cm x 80cm in size 
  • have neck and rump restraints 
  • have a lever-operated, height adjustable belly band that supports the calf’s body weight
  • have a minimum of two wheels 
  • be a ‘walk-in, walk-out’ design
Items that the calf exits by reversing out of the crate are not eligible.
Items that use only webbed strapping as a belly restraint are not eligible.


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Bateman Premium Calf Dehorner



Including Vat