Farming Supplies Store

Farming Supplies Stores have to stock everything that a farmer or smallholder may need at short notice due to unexpected events or damages which can happen. At RGH we do our best to cater for anything you might need by being able to stock items or source them as quickly as possible. In our yard we keep feeding equipment such as calf feeders, hay racks, ring feeders, heston feeders and troughs. Larger feed trailers are available to order.

Farming sundries like lambing or calving products are in the shop ready for when those seasons come around. Animal nutrition products like minerals in buckets or bags, milk powder, magnesium flakes and lump rock salt. Equine feeding equipment can also be sourced to order. 



Harvesting products include baler twine, stretch wrap, netwrap, silage film, silage sheets, sila-cover, secure covers, tarpaulins, stack nets additives and sila seal. Stretch wrap is available in widths of 250mm, 375mm 500mm and 750mm and is 3, 5 or 7 layers of blown film depending on the manufacturer. The lengths are from 1500m to 2200m. It also comes in a variety of colours such as white, light green, dark green, black and pink which is in aid of cancer research. All of our stretch wrap is 100% recyclable.

Stretch wrap comes in thicknesses from 19micron to 25micron with 25micron being the recommendation for square or round bales. It needs to be able to withstand punctures, extreme hot or cold weather conditions and UV rays. Our stretch wrap is made with the most up to date technology there is today.

The majority of silage sheets are 3 layer however there are some 5 layer sheets on the market these days. The best silage sheets are constructed from virgin plastic while the newer 5 layer sheets are mostly made from reground plastic. Silage sheets come in lots of different sizes with thickness of 100mu 150mu or 200mu and are important to keep the temperature of your crop or maize balanced. It stops water and air leaks with low permeability to avoid leaks. Sila seal has been designed to prevent waste from the bottom, sides and top of a silage pit by creating a vacuum to force the oxygen to be absorbed by the fermentation happening in the clamp.

Net wrap is a knitted polyethylene netting manufactured for the wrapping of round hay bales. It is sold in 3000m or 3600m rolls from stock. All of our baler twine comes in packs of 2 bobbins, we have hay twine, medium twine, hesston twine and maxcord in the barn at all times. There are lots of galebreaker items that we can source to order as mentioned above. Our 8 x 25m stack net has been very popular recently with farmers, fruit growers and gardeners.


Trough needs are catered for at RGH supplies, with galvanised water troughs for cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals. We have galvanised normal water troughs from 36gal to 500gal with welded in service boxes or low level galvanised water troughs with a loose service box incase no box is required.The low level water troughs allow easier access for smaller animals. All of our galvanised troughs or service boxes include ball valves and floats, with connector elbows available in the shop.

Plastic JFC troughs and drinkers are becoming popular due to their strength, UV stability and high freeze/thaw cracking resistance. The troughs come in single, doubles or large sizes from 30gal up to 500gal. Feed troughs are also in stock for sheep, goats, pigs and cattle. Recently topaz valves have become extremely popular for troughs or water collection butts due to their fast filling abilities and the high quality of the products.


Handling equipment for cattle or sheep can easily be sourced and to meet your requirements we can arrange to have measuring up carried out by representatives to make sure that a bespoke installation is just right. For lambing pens to complete systems we can supply to meet your requirements. Large stocks of sheep hurdles are kept all year round. If you are looking for a permanent solution to a yard please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Having a secure and strong cattle handling system in place to avoid injury is key when dealing with large cattle. Whether you’re looking for a portable cattle handling system or something a little more permanent we will be able to help. There is a fair bit of handling equipment for sale off of the shelf in our yard such as portable sheep and cattle hurdles, or feed fence barriers and occasionally a cattle crush! 


Crush options are easy to come by at RGH supplies. The most important feature of any cattle handling system is a cattle crush. There are many different types of cattle crushes or crates such as, mobile cattle crushes, squeeze crushes, full or improved access, extended length, highland and longhorn cattle crushes. At RGH we deal with the biggest cattle crush suppliers in the UK and with so much choice we should be able to find the right cattle crush for your requirements. There are many optional extras that you can add to your crush depending on your needs like, chin or head scoops, foot trim kits, restraint bars, hoof blocks and access cubicles. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! We can also offer advice and information on current crush grants.