Equine Fencing

Equine Fencing is a brilliant low maintenance alternative to a post and rail fence. Specially designed with horses in mind, stud netting has been designed with a smaller hole size to stop a horse getting its hoof or leg caught in the netting, also with it being made from high tensile galvanised wire. This means it will not stretch or go slack when a horse leans on the fence, it will just spring back into its original state. Stud netting is also able to double up to keep smaller livestock such as cows, sheep and goats fenced in or as an alternative to keep pets such as dogs at bay and away from your horses. It can also be attached to new or existing post and rail, it is also very common to include 1 strand of electric fence wire or rope above the fence to prevent the horse from leaning over into the next paddock.

We stock 2 types of equestrian friendly netting, HT12-107-8 and HT13-122-15, these have been designed and made by Tornado wire in the UK. Tornado wire heavily galvanise all of their HT wires to give it a long service life and in most cases the wire will out live the posts it has been erected on, they invest heavily in the most modern wire manufacturing technology which lets them have a large amount of core stock aimed specifically for horse owners. High tensile horse netting traditionally comes with hinge joint knots, this means the wire can be cranked or turned out for special uses. Other knots are available such as the torus knot which is stronger and gives a smooth join with no sharp edges and has been bonded under a lot of pressure and features a continuous vertical stay wire. Double fencing is highly recommended if you are looking to keep horses on both sides of a paddock fence.

Centaur stud rail from Tornado wire is a relatively new product which has been developed and manufactured in america, it is a 125mm wide polymer plastic rail which can be tensioned with metal wires in the top, bottom and middle of its construction. It is ideal for riding arenas, walkways, race tracks, corrals and on dividing fences. They also supply a hot rail which is similar but can be electrified.

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is a great way of temporarily or permanently creating a fence around horses in a paddock. Our electric fencing is supplied to us by Gallagher UK, Agrifence, Rappa and Rutland Electric Fencing. For both a permanent and temporary fence it is very important to use good quality materials as this can be the biggest fall down to any project.

Most polyposts are easy to step in such as the pony post which makes them a really easy way of creating a temporary boundary. We stock a vast range of posts, insulators, offsets, reels, energisers, testers, poly wire and rope at all times to accommodate for the largest of projects. We can also supply systems built primarily for strip grazing such as the Gallagher smart fence.

For permanent electric fencing only installations for horses we recommended to use a DOT round timber posts with screw, nail or staple on insulators and our Agrifence braided maxi rope which has been specially designed for horses so it will break under a certain amount of pressure so that the horse doesn’t get tangled up and repeatedly shocked. Electric fencing is sometimes combined with equine netting to make the fence more visible and it is important to carry this out when you are not fencing on an existing line. 

Sand Schools

Sand Schools or riding arenas enable you to practise jumping and riding your horse or to do fitness with it all year round due to the special surfaces that are laid. Most sand schools are surrounded by a 3 rail post and rail fence with a double kick board and will feature a 12’ wide timber field gate to enable you to let riders in or machinery to carry out maintenance work on the surface. We can also supply the relevant membranes to lay underneath the surfaces.

Sand School fencing has to be able to be premium grade due to the high quality surfaces which have to be installed. If the fence rots out before the surface needs replacing then you have a lot of money to spend on corrective works. At RGH supplies we only sell department of transport specification, known as DOT spec, ground contact timbers which have a desired service life of 30 years. This is the best way to ensure that your sand school lasts.



Gates are an important part of a riding arena, sand school, paddocks, bridleways or stable areas. Our stocks of high quality timber gates come in sawn softwood, planed all round softwood and iroko hardwood. The standard sizes we keep in stock are from 3 feet wide to 12 feet wide in foot increments.

We are able to have bespoke gates made to fit your needs such as stallion gates which are usually much taller than a standard field gate and we also keep a huge amount of gatemate gate furniture from Birkdale. Rider friendly gate furniture such as kick over latches, equestrian latches or hunt latches are a great addition as they enable you to pass through a gateway without having to dismount your horse.

Drinking Troughs

Drinking troughs at RGH Supplies come from JFC, IAE, Bateman, Paxton and Fisher Alvin. We also stock all of the relevant water pipe fittings to get your troughs filled with water! Our main stocks include UV stable plastic troughs of varying sizes and galvanised steel troughs with the low level ones being most popular for horses. Drinking bowls for the horses to activate and corner troughs are available too.