Field Gates

Field Gates are always in stock at RGH Supplies. We have softwood, hardwood and galvanised metal gates in stock at all times with metal or timber gate posts to suit. Our gate furniture store also has a vast array of fittings with thousands of pieces of items from Birkdale ready to hang or slam your gates with.

We can also have bespoke items made for jobs that need something special. Another popular item in stock is the hampshire gate which is sometimes known as a sussex gate or new zealand gate, these can be made up with barbed wire or stock fence with added posts depending on the width of your gateway. They are supplied in kit form and allow you to create a break in stock fence without losing any tension once you have closed it up again.

Field gates are an important item to keep due to them being needed at short notice for different reasons. Hundreds of our timber gates are kept indoors out of the weather to stop them from being bleached by the sun. We can also supply estate gates in each species of timber if required too.


Hardwood gates are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and species. We have field gates made from kiln dried iroko hardwood in stock at all times. These traditional 5 bar diamond brace style gates feature a tapered top bar, heavy hanging stile, mortise and tenon joints to create a super strong and durable gate. We stock iroko field gates from 3’ (915mm) to 12’ (3660mm) in foot increments with bespoke made to measure widths available upon request. Iroko is slightly yellow or golden brown in colour and is an extremely stable timber species especially when it has been dried properly so it is our go to timber for having any driveway pairs or gates to be automated.

For automated gates we recommend a heavy duty solid bottom bar or rail which will stand up to the pushing and pulling of the automation arm without warping or splitting. We can also source oak gates and posts but always strongly recommend having air dried or seasoned oak as opposed to green oak to prevent warping or cracking as much as possible.

Oak gate posts go really well with iroko gates too, these are available in fencing grade or medium grade finishes which relates to the amount of knots in the post.


Softwood field gates are in stock in PAR (planed all round) or rough sawn finishes with PAR being the finish of choice for a driveway or garden gate. Our sawn gates are just as strong but with the slightly rougher finish these are mainly chosen for agricultural fields or gates which aren’t going to be seen quite as much.

All of the softwood gates feature the traditional 5 bar diamond brace and are treated with a tapered top bar, heavy hanging style and mortise & tenon joints which makes the gates very strong and durable. Again these are stocked in widths from 3’ (915mm) to 12’ (3660mm) with bespoke widths being made to order. Driveway, courtyard, closeboard and gates for automation can be made to order in softwood as well and we always make sure to spec them in a way that gives them the best chance against warping. 


Galvanised steel gates are kept in stock in different widths. We keep a large variety of galvanised metal gates such as Bridleway, Lightweight fieldgate, Medium/Heavy weight field gates, Half Meshed gates, Heavy Duty Cattleyard and Super Heavy Duty Stockyard gates, most of the gates range from 3’ (900mm) to 16’ (4880mm). We can also offer sheeted doors, bespoke and barrier gates upon request.

The Ashcombe fieldgate is an economy 7 bar gate with box section braces, stiles and sleeved ¾” eyes in spring bolt only and available in 10’, 12’ and 15’ only.

The century gate is a medium to heavy seven bar gate with box section braces, hanging stiles and comes with a D loop or sliding bolt on the slamming end.

Half meshed gates are as per the century but with mesh half way up from the bottom, they come in spring bolt only.

The cattle yard gate is typically used to section off cattle or within buildings to create pens they are much heavier duty than the century it features 5 bars, 47.6 (OD) x 2.0 mm Top & Bottom Horizontal rails, 44.5mm (OD) x 1.5mm intermediate rails.

Stockyard gates are a super heavy duty 5 bar gate with 48.0mm (OD) x 3.0 mm Top & Bottom Horizontal rails, 47.6 (OD) x 2mm intermediate rails. All gates are supplied with 6 inch adjustable gate eyes and sliding bolts if required.


Furniture for timber and metal gates is stocked in our furniture barn which houses thousands of pieces of ironmongery. All constructed from high quality and very durable metal from Birkdale. We have fittings for pedestrian doors or gates, garden gates, pairs of gates, driveway gates and timber or metal field gates. Bespoke furniture can also be made to order.

Lockable fittings have become very popular with regards to security of properties, these can be key lockable from both sides or on one side only. There are lots of padlocks and chains in our shop for other security needs. Most of our furniture comes with all of the relevant fixings included in the packaging, when they don’t we have that covered by our fixings department.