FETF59 - Cattle crush (manual)

Expected average cost of item (£): 3,457
Grant amount (based on a quantity of 1) (£): 1,729
Score: 980
Item must:
  • be a manual cattle crush
  • have a minimum internal width of 720mm 
  • have a manually operated full-length head yoke 
  • have sides which can be opened for access to both sides of the animal 
  • have an anti-backing facility at the rear of the crush operated from outside the race - this can be either a U-shaped rotating rump bar operated from a wheel outside of the crush or a sliding gate operated from outside the crush
  • have an anti-slip rubber surface on any metal flooring
Ferrous metal must be galvanised or powder coated.
Items with wooden elements are not eligible.
Painted items are not eligible.


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Bateman Ambassador Crush FETF59



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