Timber Fixings

Timber Fixings play a part in most of what we sell here at RGH Supplies, they are pretty important in most of the fencing jobs we supply. An example of this is a bay of closeboard fencing with concrete posts and gravel boards requires nails, screws and bolts. For this reason we make sure to have large stocks of timber fixings so we’ve got any outcome covered for. We keep a huge range of items such as decking screws, hex head screws, timberloks, pozi screws, coach screws, tek screws, wall plugs, thunderbolts, anchor bolts, through bolts, hammer fixings, frame fixings, mechanical fixings, studding, nuts, bolts and nails.

We make sure to listen to customers feedback and so over the years our stocks have ended up coming from some of the most reputable brands in timber fixings, Fastenmaster, Carpenters Mate, John George, Timco, Timberlok, Tornado Wire, Birkdale and many more. We also have various sizes of barbed staples from Tornado Wire, barbed staples have been used for years as the best way to attach stock fencing to timber posts. In the summer of 2014 we acquired part of a barn next to our office in the yard and we created the fixing’s and gate furniture section where you can be sure to find anything you might need to complete the hanging of some gates or fixings to lay some decking! This is also where the work boots are kept.



Timberlok screws are a very popular way of fixing decking joists, joining sleepers for a sleeper bed or retaining wall and are generally a great way of fastening timber to timber easily. They have been designed with hardwood timbers such as oak in mind as these are more difficult to penetrate and a normal hex head screw will usually snap unless you pre-drill a hole. They are a very heavy duty screw constructed only from heat-treated steel. So there is no pre drilling needed. This also means they can pull bent wood together in a strong way! Being a hexagonal head screw they are easy to drive in and remove to be used again. Every box of timberlok screws includes a free 8mm tool to go in the end of your drill.

Carpenters mate pro hex head screws are similar to timberloks in the way they work but they are more aimed at fixing into softwood and would snap off if you tried to use them on hardwood. They are available in 90mm, 140mm, 190mm and 240mm lengths in boxes of 100no and all come with a free drill bit.


Screws need to be of a high quality as it is vital that they stand up to the job you are using them for. Our Timco Solo Pozi drive zinc and yellow passivated screws, sometimes known as gold, are a wood screw with a single thread and can be used for many different jobs. If you are joining timber, fixing plasterboard, attaching to masonry with a plug or even small repairs, these screws will get any job done! They can be used in many types of timber, we stock thicknesses from 8g to 12g and lengths from 1” to 4”. These are sold in boxes of 200 which means you get a great deal when purchasing and might end up with some spares for the next job.


Nails are probably the fixing we sell the most of, these are used by the hundred for closeboard fence installations usually using a 40mm or 50mm nail. Our nails come from John George in lengths of, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and the very big 150mm. We would only keep nails in galvanised finish, this prevents them from rusting and causing marks on timber. They are sold in boxes weighing 0.5kg, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 20kg. We can also sell them by the kilogram using our trusty scales.


Thunderbolts are used mainly to fix things to concrete, be it metal, plastic or timber by simply drilling a hole of the correct size. Once you have drilled your hole drive the Thunderbolt into it and the large thread will self tap its way into the wall or floor you are fixing to. Thunderbolts cause no expansion stress, they enable you to fix close to an edge. They are easily removed so great for temporary fixing. You can use them on hollow sections as the thread is on the entire length of the shaft. Marking out isn't necessary as you just drill your hole and attach.

They will work in brick, concrete, bockwork, wood, stone and marble. Thunderbolts are a great alternative product to coach screws and plugs, hammerfix or anchor bolts. In some cases people like to combine thunderbolts with resin or chemfix for a very permanent fixing.