Farm Workwear

Farm Workwear needs to be tough, durable, long lasting and in some cases water, chemical or milk proof. We keep various types of rugged clothing suitable for working outdoors, in milking parlours, mucking out stables or even inspecting slurry pits.

The items we stock have stood the test of time with many of our customers over the 17 years that we have been trading. We have stuck with garments from Sealflex, Drytex, Guy Cotten and Scan Workwear. These are the brands that we have become very confident in. Most of the attire, for example raincoats, are fairly casual so would be ideal for wearing in the countryside.

Dairy Clothing

Dairy Clothing comes in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of people who work on farms. Small, medium, large and extra large and bigger sizes are all in stock to cater for anyone who might need these clothes. Chaps, bib and braces, milking sleeves, aprons and full body suits are just some of the items that we keep. The most popular brand that we keep would be drytex clothing.

More recently we have started to offer items from Guy Cotten who are better known for fishing clothing seen on trawlers, they recently moved into the agricultural market and have created some brilliantly waterproof and hard wearing garments.


Waterproofs are used by everyone whether your working on a farm, walking in the countryside or even playing golf. A large portion of the people who buy these clothes from us are fencing contractors. These guys test the products to the max when working with things like barbed wire. Sealflex goods are fully tear proof so while the barbs may puncture a tiny hole in some trousers or a sleeve, the items won't be ripped and the hole will shrink and still be waterproof.


Workwear can include safety clothing for tradesmen or farmers who may need to wear PPE gear when driving tractors or operating machinery, hi-vis vests, hard hats, protective glasses, disposable masks, coveralls and spray suits are here to meet these needs as well.


Womens clothing is also catered for at RGH Supplies LTD, all of the clothing we keep in stock us uni-sex so is suitable for men and women to wear.