FETF78CA/FETF78SH - Individual electronic weigh system


Expected average cost of item (£): 1,246
Grant amount (based on a quantity of 1) (£): 623
Score: 510
Item must:
  • be an individual electronic weigh system
  • be a digital weighing device which can record and display individual animal weights
  • be able to track live weight gains and access recorded information on individual animals such as breeding or movements 
  • include a mobile device if required for functionality to input, access, record or display data within the system  
  • be compatible with EID readers and automatic drafting systems
Group and automatic average animal weighing systems are not eligible.
Weigh bars are not included in this item – see item FETF79SH, FETF79PI and FETF79CA - Weigh bars and weigh platforms for weighing livestock or item FETF80SH, FETF80PI and FETF80CA - Weigh bars or platform for animals less than 300kg.


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