Fencing Tools

Fencing Tools

Fencing Tools and accessories have quickly become some of our best selling items online. We specialise in stocking high quality fencing tools that are built to last. At the moment nearly all of our high end tools come from Strainrite Fencing Systems in New Zealand, these tools have proven themselves on their turf and are quickly making a name for themselves in the UK. We also have fencing tools from Bostitch, DewaltDraper, Knipex, Hayes, Estwing Hammers, Tornado Wire and Stock-ade.

Being a Gripple retailer you can find every product that they sell in the agricultural market on our shelves, we’re also great at Gripple advice so feel free to give us a call if you need help with a project or idea! Gripple starter packs, Rencing Repair Kits, Contractor Tools, Torq Tools, Medium gripple, T Gripple, Barbed Gripple and Gpaks are readily available. Our prices on bulk purchases of Medium Gripple joiners will be extremely hard to beat. Gripple products were originally aimed at the agri market in 1983 when they began trading, they have since moved into the building sector and are making a massive difference in the vineyard and fruit growing industries too.



Twisting wire traditionally is carried out by creating a lever by bending the wire and wrapping it around itself to tie off at the end of a line or to join wires. This is very tough on the skin of your thumbs and can end up being quite painful depending on how many you need to do in a day! To most fencing contractors this ends up being easy work and your thumbs get used to it.

For people who don’t do this day in day out Strainrite and Tornado Wire have each come up with a wire twisting tool otherwise known as a thumb saver. It is a relatively simple design where you hook it onto the main line and fit the part of the wire into a groove on the tool and simply push it round to create the wrap. These tools are one of our best sellers and we have a lot of positive feedback on these from people who otherwise would struggle to carry out wire twisting!



Digging is where most fencing jobs begin, whether it’s a fresh dig on a new site or you are taking an old fence down there is usually something to dig out before you can begin to fence, unless you are using a post knocker that is! The simplest way of doing this is by using a set of post hole diggers which are sometimes known as doubles or shove holers.

We have lots of different options available depending on the type of use and life span they are required for. Cost effective wooden handle ones are most popular for people looking to put their own fence up in a garden while contractors might want fibreglass handles or even stainless steel ones from strainrite. Normal post hole diggers have two handles with a spade like end on each of them and a hinged point around 18” from the bottom so that you can pull the handles apart to lift dirt out of a hole. Jackson type post hole diggers feature two hinge points which let you dig a lot deeper as you push the handles together instead of apart. These have been known to reach up to 3 feet into the ground.

Some contractors are beginning to use earth augers which can be mounted on a digger or a petrol auger which can be operated by 2 men. These are a super quick way of digging a post hole but also extremely expensive and would need to be used a lot on jobs in order to pay for themselves. We also keep a range of other tools which are handy for digging post holes like grafts, mushroom bars, large crowbars, post hole spades and even a manual auger. Another thing that contractors have to be very aware of when digging into the ground is services to a property, mainly electricity to properties which can be deadly. Jafco provide us with insulated fencing spades so that you are safe even if you are unlucky enough to damage a cable.



Tensioner products at RGH come from Strainrite, Drivall, Hayes, Draper Tools and Gripple. Wire fences need to be strained to keep them taut in order to effectively keep animals in, or out of boundaries. Using tensioning tools can also assist you with joining rolls or lines of fencing while keeping the tension on a long run of wire.

There are three main types of wire tensioning tools, wire pullers, single chain line wire strainers or boundary strainers with clamps. Strainrite supply most of these tools to us but we also keep tools from the other suppliers mentioned up the page. An alternative to using these tools would be Gripple products, these are very quick way of achieving wire joining and tensioning and are extremely easy to use.




Stockade is another company based in New Zealand providing very popular and high quality fencing staple guns either powered by an air compressor or by gas and battery. Their tools have been designed by fencing contractors and built by the people who make paslode guns. These are the only staple guns to fire a 40mm barbed staple. We began supplying these around 5 years ago and nearly all of our contractors have one in the truck. Many people have done the sums and nearly always come to the conclusion that it will bring its money back in a few jobs. They also make the stock-ade staple mate puller which is great at removing staples.